Donkey Kong
Series File:Dk icon.png
Final Smash Rambi Ride
Appearances Super Smash Bros., Melee, Brawl, Crusade
Tier  ?


Donkey Kong (sometimes referred to as just DK) is a powerful ape and the star of the Donkey Kong series as well as a prominent character in the Mario universe. He is a member of the Kong species, a race of apes capable of speech and construction. In more recent video game appearances, Donkey Kong is seldom shown without his best friend and nephew Diddy Kong. Created by famed Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto, Donkey Kong was originally designed as an antagonist, though has evolved into more of a heroic character starting with the Donkey Kong Country games for Super Famicom/SNES. Donkey Kong is easily identifiable by his affinity for bananas and his red tie.

Debuting in the eponymous Donkey Kong across arcades in 1981 (often considered a landmark in early game development, and Nintendo's first hit overseas), Donkey Kong remains as one of the most recognizable icons in the video game industry, and part of Nintendo's 4th most successful IP (behind Mario, Pokémon, and The Legend of Zelda).

Changes from Brawl to Crusade

Donkey Kong retains most of his normal and special moves from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, albeit with a different Final Smash, now called Rambi Ride.


Donkey Kong's Normal Moves

Donkey Kong's Special Moves

Type Name Description
Neutral Special Giant Punch To Be Announced
Side Special Headbutt To Be Announced
Up Special Spinning Kong To Be Announced
Down Special Hand Slap To Be Announced
Final Smash Rambi Ride To Be Announced

Notable Appearances