Series File:Mario icon.png
Final Smash Elemental Medals
Appearances Super Smash Bros., Melee, Brawl, Crusade
Tier (0.6) D (19)


Luigi (Japanese: ルイージ, Ruīji) is Mario's younger and taller brother, often serving as a sidekick, and a major character in the Mario series. Eternally living in his brother's shadow, Luigi has held the spotlight in many games, particularly Mario spin-off titles and the Luigi's Mansion games. Luigi is one of the longest-running characters in the Mario series, having first appeared in Mario Bros., originally created for the sole purpose of a second player option. Luigi is known for his exceptional jumping talents (surpassing even his brother's), his fearful and cowardly personality and his overall prominence in the Mario series.

Changes from Brawl to Crusade.

The only change is his moveset, was a new Final Smash, Elemental Medals.


Luigi, like Mario, has a well-rounded set of attacks. He is generally fast and has above-average strength (especially considering his speed). Luigi can also jump higher and fall slower than Mario, allowing him to stay in the air longer. However, Luigi is also slower than most characters on the ground and in the air, but his Down Special and Side Special allow him to move rather quickly to compensate. Luigi is capable of going highly on offense in Crusade due to his fast, high priority attacks. His main weakness is the fact that he has very short range on most of his attacks, but he hits fast and hard, so hopefully that won't be a problem!

Luigi's Normal Moves

Jab - A punch, another punch, and a hip thrust. - 3%,2%,4%. This Jab gives Luigi very good range and is fast.

Side Tilt - a spin side kick - 9%. This attack has decent speed, range, and knockback, but it has slow cooldown.

Up Tilt - Upwards kittenswipe - 8% - 6%. Luigi's fist travels in a semi-circle above himself, giving him a good defense against aerial opponents. It also combos into other moves (and itself) easily.

Down Tilt - Crouching kick - 7%. This move has a lot of stun, and it spikes opponents who are hanging from a ledge.

Nair - Sex Kick - 12%, 5% late hit. This is one of the fastest aerial attacks in the game, and it ironically sends players straight up into the air. It's a relatviely powerful move.

Fair - Vertical chop - 11%. This attack sees Luigi Karate Chop in front of himself with good range, but relatively weak knockback.

Bair - Reverse mule kick - 13% to 11%, 6% if hit late. Very similar to Mario's Bair, bur Luigi's has a sweet-spot on the tip of his feet that does extra damage.

Up Air - bicycle kick - 10% with first hit, 7% if hit late. This move is good for starting or continuing combos and is very fast, much like Mario's Up Air.

Dair - Drill Kick - 12% to 10%. This attack is fairly quick and has a sweet-spot that spikes enemies straight down.

Side Smash - Spearhand - 14%. A very powerful attack that sends enemies up at a 45 degree angle.

Up Smash - Lead Headbutt - 16%. This attack has weaker knockback than Mario's Up Smash, but it has much more range and deals more damage.

Down Smash - Break dance kick - 13% in front,12% in back. This spin kick is one of Luigi's fastest attacks and sends the opponent flying upwards.

Forward Throw - Spin throw - 10%. This throw has solid knockback and damage.

Back Throw - Hip Thrust - 8%. Weaker than Forward Throw, but only slightly. The launch angle is lower as well, making this potentially more useful for edge guard set-ups.

Up Throw - upward toss - 8%. This move doesn't combo very well, but it puts your opponent in an awkward position.

Down Throw - downward slam - 8%. This move is harder to combo with than Mario's Down Throw, but it sets up nicely for air follow-ups.

Dash Attack - Multiple punches - up to 10%. This move is humorous in appearance but rather fast.

Ledge attack - low kick - 8%.

Luigi's Special Moves

Type Name Description
Neutral Special Fire Ball Unlike Mario's Fire Ball, Luigi's travels in a straight line, ignoring gravity. 5%.
Side Special Green Missile Luigi blasts off, headbutting enemies. Holding B will make him charge it up for more speed and power. It has a one-in-eight chance of a "misfire", which sees Luigi blast off at uncontrollable speed. Damage varies from 10% to 24%.
Up Special Jump Punch Luigi leaps straight up with an uppercut that causes a coin to come out of his foe on hit. If hit with precision during the start up of the move, it will become a powerful Fire Jump Punch (24%).
Down Special Luigi Cyclone Luigi spins, fists outsretched, hitting foes up to 5 times for up to 11% damage. This move allows Luigi to move left and right very quickly, and he may rise up by pressing B repeatedly.
Final Smash Elemental Medals Luigi pulls out his Poltergust 2000 equipped with Fire, Ice, and Water elemental weapons. Use A to fire them and B to switch weapons. Luigi can walk around and jump during this Final Smash. During the final few seconds, the elemental weapons get bigger.