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Final Smash TBA (To be announced)
Appearances Project: Crusade
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Mike Haggar is the star of the Final Fight series, a beat ‘em up genre that is one of Capcom’s most popular series of the early 90’s. Haggar is the mayor of Metro City, a crime-infested dwelling, and a former professional wrestler. He is most known for taking down the Mad Gear Gang (Final Fight and Final Fight 2) and the Skull Cross Gang (Final Fight 3). In the events of Final Fight, his daughter, Jessica, is kidnapped by the Mad Gear Gang, and used as a way to control Haggar. Enlisting the aid of Jessica’s boyfriend, Cody Travers, and his best friend, Guy, the three heroes take down the gang’s leader, Belger, while dealing with enemies like corrupted police officers, transvestites, and typical street thugs. After these events, Haggar himself is enlisted by others to take on the newly formed Mad Gear and the Skull Cross Gang.

Haggar relies on his old wrestling skills to punch through hordes of thugs, such as the infamous Piledriver and his trademark Double Lariat, a spinning clothesline attack that makes Haggar near invincible at the cost of some health from his health bar. Haggar is most notably in EVERY Final Fight title, even in the poorly received Final Fight: Streetwise for Xbox and Playstation 2. This is something the other two characters of the original Final Fight, Guy and Cody, cannot claim.


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Haggar is not yet included in Project: Crusade, but he is planned to be made into a tank-styled character. Meaning, he can take damage as well as he can dish it out, but mobility and recovery options are heavily limited. His moveset is being worked on by user GoldenYuiitusin, and custom sprites are being worked on by user cyberwolfjv. Haggar is the only character that fully replaces another existing character from an earlier demo (Chun-Li), not including the swap between Mega Man X and Mega Man Classic.