Series GW Series
Final Smash Octopus
Appearances Super Smash Bros Melee, Brawl, Crusade
Tier S (2)


Mr. Game & Watch, known in Japan as just Game & Watch (ゲーム&ウォッチ, Gēmu ando Wocchi) is a composite representation of various generic characters featured in Nintendo's Game & Watch products and video game series created in 1980 by Gunpei Yokoi.

Changes from Brawl to Crusade

His down aerial no longer falls faster when using it.


Mr. Game & Watch is ranked 2nd in the tier list. Mr. Game & Watch has great kill power with attacks with disjointed hitboxes and is pretty fast, he has one of the best recoveries in the game and has a decent combo ability, has a great projectile which is nearly impossible to penetrate, Oil Panick helps him against projectiles (Goku, Krystal and Samus being notable) and has a great air game and ground game and a good meteor smash (though can be risky at times). However, Mr. Game & Watch is a lightweight and loss of Momentum Cancel limits his survivability.

Mr. Game & Watch packs a punch. In general, his attacks possess favorable hitboxes, low lag, and high knockback; however, his roll and dash attack are rather poor. Many of his attacks can hit multiple times. His erratic, instant movement makes him nearly impossible to predict in nearly anything that isn't his approach. Most of Mr. Game & Watch's tilts follow the pattern of his other attacks, being quick and powerful, while also possessing disjointed hitboxes. He has very powerful smashes, two of them hard to punish if they miss due their hitboxes having long duration, and the down smash is very fast. Additionally, Mr. Game & Watch is able to break projectile camps easily using Oil Panic (although this only works on energy projectiles) or simply ducking underneath most projectiles. Mr. Game & Watch does have a projectile, Chef, but it is somewhat weak and has a random trajectory, which makes it somewhat unreliable. The move Judge is an attack that relies on chance. It can do anything from hurting himself if used more than twice in a match (1) to being a One-Hit KO (9).

Mr. Game & Watch's Normal Moves

Mr. Game & Watch's Special Moves