Series File:WaluigiIcon.png
Final Smash Power Piledriver Finish
Appearances Super Smash Bros. Crusade
Tier (0.6) D (21)


Waluigi (Japanese: ワルイージ, Waruīji) is Wario's partner and Luigi's arch-nemesis (as Wario is to Mario). Not much is known about Waluigi or his past, though he has apparently been an enemy of the Mario Bros. for a while. Debuting in Mario Tennis, Waluigi has made frequent appearances in Mario spin-offs, but has yet to make an appearance in a main series Mario game. His relationship to Wario is unknown, although the devious pair are often seen causing great mischief whenever together.


Waluigi's Normal Moves

Waluigi's Special Moves

Type Name Description
Neutral Special Serve Press B to toss up a tennis ball, then press B again with good timing to serve it!
Side Special Bob-omb Toss Pull a Bob-omb from the air and press B again to throw it! You can carry it around, but it will explode after a few seconds.
Up Special Super Waluigi Jump Punch Jump into the air with a seemingly weak punch.
Down Special Piledriver Stomp Drive enemies into the ground with this stomp attack. You can also hit enemies downwards when using this move in the air.
Final Smash Power Piledriver Finish Bury an opponent with a stomp, then pummel them with several attacks, finishing them off with a Bob-omb.

Notable Appearances